ptfe 1410,低摩擦系数PTFE,高拉伸强度PTFE, 泵件阀门/阀门部件PTFE,汽车领域的应用PTFE,密封PTFE


ptfe 1410,低摩擦系数PTFE,高拉伸强度PTFE, 泵件阀门/阀门部件PTFE,汽车领域的应用PTFE,密封PTFE
Rulon 1410
Saint Gobain Performance Plastics


Rulon® 1410 is a gold material with excellent elongation and tensile strength suitable for flip seal and other flexible sealing applications. Coupled with low frictional characteristics, it offers the added benefit of energy savings and/or increased sealing efficiency.

This material is also resistant to most harsh chemicals. It is also compatible with many commercially available lubricants for additional reduction in torque.

It can also be used as a liner material for substrates requiring any of the above characteristics.  
材料状态 • 已商用:当前有效   
供货地区 • 北美洲   
性能特点 • 低摩擦系数PTFE,高拉伸强度PTFE, 泵件阀门/阀门部件PTFE,汽车领域的应用PTFE,密封PTFE • 高拉伸强度 • 耐化学性良好 
 • 泵件 • 电器用具 • 汽车领域的应用: 
用途 • 衬里 • 阀门/阀门部件  
   • 轴承 
 • 电气部件 • 密封  
外观 • 金色   
形式 • 可定制外形   
加工方法 • 机器加工 • 挤出  
物理性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
比重  2.19g/cm³ ASTM D792 
机械性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
抗张强度 (屈服)  14.8MPa ASTM D638 
伸长率 (断裂)  210% ASTM D638 
摩擦系数  0.15 ASTM D1894 
热性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
线形膨胀系数   ASTM D696 
流动: 26 到 93°C  0.00013cm/cm/°C  
流动: 26 到 149°C  0.00014cm/cm/°C  
流动: 26 到 260°C  0.00015cm/cm/°C  
横向: 26 到 93°C  0.00013cm/cm/°C  
横向: 26 到 149°C  0.00014cm/cm/°C  
横向: 26 到 260°C  0.00015cm/cm/°C  
导热系数  0.26W/m/K ASTM C177 
Temperature, Typical Range: -400° to 550°F
Flammability, ASTM D635: non-flammable
Maximum Pressure(P): 750 psi
Maximum Velocity with no load (V-SFM): 400 ft/min
Maximum PV (PxV): 7500 psi x ft/min
Shaft Hardness - Minimum: Rb25
Shaft Finish recommended: 8 ot 16 Ra
Shaft Material: stainless to hardened steel and cast iron
Chemical Resistance: data available
Coef. of Friction, ASTM D1894, static & dynamic: 0.10 to 0.20

1 一般属性:这些不能被视为规格。





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